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LEO - Low Earth Orbit

LEO Autopilot!

11 May 2013, 14:24 UTC
LEO Autopilot!
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We’ve just posted an update to LEO, now version 1.06, that includes a couple of major improvements…
1) The orbital parameters displayed for your ship and for other orbital objects now matches those values you’d expect in real earth orbit.
For example:

The ISS typically orbits in the 320-450km altitude range… we’ve modified LEO so that this range is covered.
The orbital speeds for your displayed altitude is now derived/mapped from real-world orbital mechanics equations, so the figures represent what you’s expect in real life. Typically you’ll want about 7.8 km/s in the altitude range (for a circular orbit).

2) We’ve added an AUTOBURN autopilot system! You can use this to demonstrate certain manoeuvers, simplify your life, and enhance your LEO flight experience. Of course, you can still fly the LEO manually if you want!

To use the AUTOBURN system click on the AUTOBURN button. This will pause the game and open up the AUTOBURN SETUP page. From this page you can select a number of options…

LAUNCH – Launches the LEO-1 into an elliptical orbit.

CIRCULARIZE AT APOGEE (HIGH POINT) – Calculated and applies the exact thrust required (or, more specifically, the DELTA-V… the change in speed) to convert ...

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