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"The Ultimate Migration" by Robbert H. Goddard (14 January 1918)

5 May 2013, 18:03 UTC
"The Ultimate Migration" by Robbert H. Goddard (14 January 1918)
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Sealed in an envelope on the outside of which he wrote: "The Last Migration. The notes should be read thoroughly only by an optimist!". Goddard was 35 years old and the notes were written more than six years before he would conduct the world’s first rocket flight using liquid propellants.He wrote a condensed version and titled it The Ultimate Migration, which we are delighted to reproduce here in full and in the form in which it was written, uncorrected for grammar:1 PossibilityWill it be possible to travel to the planets which are around the fixed stars, when the Sun and the Earth have cooled to such an extent that life is no longer possible on the Earth?To answer this question, it is necessary to answer two others; first, will it be possible to unlock, and control, intra-atomic energy? and second, if the first cannot be answered in the affirmative, will it be possible to reduce the protoplasm in the human body to the granular state, so that it can withstand the intense cold of interstellar space? It would probably be necessary to dessicate the body, more or less, before this state could be produced. Awakening may have to be done ...

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