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Star Stryder

When life gives you s***, find the manure fork

2 May 2013, 06:21 UTC
When life gives you s***, find the manure fork
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There are days that are rotten, and weeks that need a reset button. Sometimes moments of too much wrongness extend across months or even years. From health issues to job problems, at some point in life we all face these issues.
Right now it seems like shit is raining down on all of us who love science and learning.
This afternoon I reached a point where the realities in my twitter stream drove me to walk away from my desk, and go to the barn to muck stalls. I needed to take the metaphor of the day and turn it into literal throwing of shit in a useful manner where I could see solid results.
I didn’t find any answers at the barn, but at least I channeled my anger into something useful.
At the end of the day, the only thing I really know is that when I see a pile of shit, I need to find the manure fork and start shoveling.
I wish it was as easy to deal with the shit of life as it is to deal with the shit at the barn. It should be. We live in a democratic nation, and (in theory ...

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