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The Power of Mass Collaboration

22 Apr 2013, 05:52 UTC
The Power of Mass Collaboration
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This weekend, more then 9,000 people and 484 organizations from around the world came together in 83 cities across 44 countries, as well as online, to engage directly with NASA at the largest hackathon ever held. In just 83 total hours, we collectively tackled the 58 challenges by developing awe-inspiring software, buiding jaw-dropping hardware, and creating stunning data visualizations that together resulted in one giant leap towards improving life on Earth and life in space. After the dust settled, an impressive 750+ solutions were submitted.
The International Space Apps Challenge was the culmination of months of planning, years of experimentation and thousands and thousands of hours of hard work from people across the globe who share in the excitement of building our collective future. It is a shining example that transparency, participation and collaboration are alive and well at NASA. This event could not have been possible without you.
Our space program, more then ever, requires the active engagement of the public to co-create our future. This weekend demonstrated the true potential of participatory exploration and what can happen when a government agency like NASA takes a chance on engaging the untapped, unexpected, and uncharted know-how of thousands of passionate ...

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