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Can Space Hackers Colonize the Solar System?

21 Apr 2013, 19:36 UTC
Can Space Hackers Colonize the Solar System?
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A #SpaceApps guest post from Dr. Phil Metzger

Dr. Phil Metzger is a physicist/planetary scientist at NASA Kennedy Space Center who works on technologies for mining the Moon, Mars, and asteroids; for developing extraterrestrial spaceports; and for robotic industry in space. Outside his day job he blogs on his vision for extending human civilization into the solar system (and graciously allowed us to cross post his blog.). At this weekend’s International Space Apps Challenge, he created a challenge called Moonville and joined the event at the Kennedy Space Center.
I am sitting in a room at at the Kennedy Space Center for the International Space Apps Challenge. It is late at night, I’m very tired, and there are eight other people in the room: all much younger than me, all college students, all writing software for a game called “Moonville“. It will be a strategy game where the players simulate the beginnings of industry in the solar system. I submitted the Moonville topic to the Space Apps Challenge so that eventually people will play the game and through the game develop a winning strategy that we can use to actually start industry in space. It’s an exercise of double-nested ...

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