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Shepard Fairey "CASIS ARK 1" Patch Design

30 Mar 2013, 21:27 UTC
Shepard Fairey "CASIS ARK 1" Patch Design
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When this project was brought to me I really was just awed by the idea that I could do something in a realm in which very few people other have done...it's special, it's a really special thing, and it...I'm flattered and honored that I could create something that becomes, you know, a symbol of how things can move forward. You know the excitement of the unknown...you know, to be part of that is really, a cool thing...you know, I'm, amazingly spoiled in the range of awesome projects I've gotten to do, but, this is something that I've never been able to do, and, I think it is maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity. Wikipedia.org/Shepard_FaireyObeyGiant.comCASIS is the non-profit organization charged with managing the International Space Station (ISS) U.S. National Laboratory.http://www.collectspace.com/news/news-032613a.html

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