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"Space is for Lovers" Thank you Dennis Tito!

14 Apr 2013, 03:22 UTC
"Space is for Lovers" Thank you Dennis Tito!
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Dennis Tito: "We're proposing a man and a woman, because this is humanity's first flight out to Mars, and humanity should be represented by both genders."Taber MacCallum: "One crew's good - but it doesn't make any sense to have one person by themself, so, two crew…and Dennis said, "If it's going to be two crew it is going to be a man and a woman." And I said, "Alright."Jane Poynter: "One of the questions being asked is, you know, 'why a man and a woman'? Why is that? Well…it really goes to the name of this mission. Inspiration Mars. And, to have a couple going that represents humanity - in the sense that, after all, humanity is essentially fifty-fifty, so, let's have this crew be fifty-fifty, so we can all see ourselves in some way reflected in that crew. And I think that is especially important to our children. I mean, imagine a girl, getting a tweet from the female crew-member, as she is going by Mars for the very first time and, tweeting back, what she's seeing and what she's experiencing at that moment - and then looking back at Planet Earth at that Pale Blue Dot that's now ...

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