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Thanksgiving – and a (sort of) farewell

27 Nov 2009, 15:05 UTC
Thanksgiving – and a (sort of) farewell
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Many (or few, depending on how many people visit this blog from time to time…) of you have i’m sure noticed a significant drop off of posts on this blog over the last few months. While i can’t speak for my fellow Cynics, I can at least provide some clarity as to why my own activity has diminished in this arena.
At first, it was the transition in my role at my real day job, which added a great deal of responsibility to my work life, and thus little time for blogging about space issues.
Then it was work on my backyard, as I was relandscaping and it took up a big chunk of my summer.
Then there is the startup company that i’m busy building with a few close friends/colleagues (more on that in a future post when it’s ready for primetime).
Then it was the birth of our twins (boy and girl) which has made the past few months a bit of a blur (they are 11 weeks as of this morning!).
This morning, after a multi month hiatus I visited the Space Politics blog that Jeff Foust has maintained for a good long time – a very ...

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