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Star Stryder

Funding Cuts, Sequestration, and fighting for our lives

18 Apr 2013, 00:08 UTC
Funding Cuts, Sequestration, and fighting for our lives
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Disclaimer: I am writing this post as a private individual. The views in this post are strictly my own, and no approval of an outside entity should be assumed.
I have spent the past several weeks trying to figure out how to write this post. Sometimes emotions are so raw that they don’t readily shape themselves into words: They manifest themselves as a face that can’t smile, a head that throbs with a stress migraine, and with an exhaustion driven not by lack of sleep but rather deriving from the emotional exhaustion that just makes a person want to hide in a dark room locked away from the world. My head hurts. I am exhausted. My emotions are raw. I am writing now because there is a very real possibility that the proposed restructuring the US education system may eliminate the NASA funding I and my staff rely on to pay our salaries. In the worst case, everyone I employ at my university will become unemployed – including me – when FY2014 begins. In the expected case – if no new funding is found – I will lose half the funding I use for salary, and I will need to ...

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