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Be a Hardware Hero

15 Apr 2013, 18:20 UTC
Be a Hardware Hero
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This weekend at the International Space Apps Challenge, you can be a hero in many ways. But let’s focus on the hardware hero for a moment. They’re the ones who seem to have that exact adapter you need to charge your phone or laptop when you’re at 2% power. They live by the belief that if you can’t open it, you don’t really own it. Also, and most importantly for this weekend, they approach every problem with a keen eye for how the digital world meets the physical one.
How can you be a hardware hero?
Step 1: Do your homework. No, I’m not talking about memorizing periodic tables and melting points of steel alloys. Rather, browse the latest hardware-related blogs, see what people are making out of their Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Then, after browsing through the Space Apps Challenges, try a simple project or two this week, brainstorming ways that a solution could fit into the real world using open hardware. Be the expert everyone’s looking for when it’s time to take a software solution to the next level and make those bits and bytes interact with molecules and atoms.
Step 2: Bring your hardware. The hardware hero ...

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