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LEO - Low Earth Orbit

Orbital Mechanics 101

9 Apr 2013, 00:22 UTC
Orbital Mechanics 101
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I thought it might be useful to you LEO-LowEarthOrbit rocket-jockeys to have a few easy-to-read references on Orbital Mechanics. If you are a rocket scientist you’ll already know this stuff, but for the rest of us there are some gems of information which will enhance your skill and enjoyment of your orbital maneuvering in the LEO game.
Of course, to make the Low Earth Orbit environment fit on your iPad screen I’ve had to make a few changes to the scale, which subsequently affects some of the numbers displayed when you play. The actual behaviour of your ship in orbit is however, once you’re up, faithful to real life.
If you are interested in the noble art of Orbital Mechanics, allow me to recommend these links:
Orbital Mechanics, Wikipedia
Orbital Mechanics, an excellent description from the excellent Rocket and Space Technology website.
Hohmann Transfer Orbit [image: Wikipedia Commons]

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