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An Interview with FutureThink

27 Mar 2013, 15:40 UTC
An Interview with FutureThink
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I had the opportunity to talk to futurethink about NASA’s Open Innovation Program. This is a cross-post of the interview from their website. A longer version of this interview will be published (and linked here) in a few days.
1) How does a large organization like NASA manage its innovation process? (And more specifically, the Open NASA initiative?)
For the last century, we have relied on governments to tackle the grand challenges of our time and to manage the innovation process within government by themselves. For the average citizen, participating in government was extremely limited – you could show up to vote on election day, express your concern by protesting about a cause, or if you really wanted to make a change, apply for a government job.
Most people had very little influence on how business in government was conducted and how innovation was managed (if it was managed at all). This severely limited not only the number of people working on solving our nation’s toughest challenges, but also limited the diversity in perspective contributed towards the solutions.
Over the past few years, we have witnessed the emergence of technology that is slowly starting to change the way governments approach ...

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