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Star Stryder

Looking for inspiration

10 Mar 2013, 05:31 UTC
Looking for inspiration
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I have to admit, life has gotten sufficiently busy that I’ve lost all track of time and place. Yesterday, waking up in Austin for SXSW Interactive, I was reminded by the intertubes that it is Women’s Month, and yesterday (not today) was International Women’s Day. Scott Lewis (KnowTheCosmos) interviewed Nicole Gugliucci and I about what inspired us and will be posting the video soon. This experience, and a recent talk that I gave at the Midwest Regional Women in Physics Conference, made me take a minute and really reflect on who has inspired me over the years.
For most people my age, there is only one answer: Carl Sagan. For people in their 30s and older, he was the man of science that filled their heads while he filled their small screens.
The things is, for a combination of reasons (including a kind of lousy TV antennae) I never watched COSMOS growing up. I read Contact in high school (and loved it), but other than that one book, I wasn’t really exposed to Carl Sagan and his work until grad school, at which point … I wasn’t totally impressed with his Apple Pie metaphor (likely due to having watched the ...

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