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Viewing Pan-Starrs From the North

8 Mar 2013, 19:47 UTC
Viewing Pan-Starrs From the North
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Here are some numbers to go with the drawing and the link at the below which contains great viewing tips.
I have two sets of data one for about 45 North latitude (think Boston region) and one from 25 North latitude (think Miami region). If you are on the same latitude as either of these the locations will be pretty close. If you live in between you can adjust your viewing times appropriately. For example 35 North will be pretty much in between the two. You can figure it out I am sure.
The times are centered on 18:00 EST (don’t forget daylight time starts tomorrow). As you will read you need to look at twilight and you will not have a long time to look either. You can use a compass or guesstimate the Azimuth and Elevations given below (compass would be better). Also keep in mind as the time gets closer to the comet set time, the comet will move more northerly as it gets ready to set, I’m going to say in the order of 10 or 12 degrees.
I also say “about” because I’m just trying to get you close.
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