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Turning Space Data into Physical Apps

6 Mar 2013, 21:36 UTC
Turning Space Data into Physical Apps
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We want to explore what it would mean to use digital technologies and space data to subvert our relationship with time and bring fresh potential to the digital objects we live with and through. Through design we can use space data to create ways to experience now things that occurred before humankind existed, we can read by the light of a lamp connected to the live feed from a telescope and know that when it flickers a new planet has been discovered and we can connect to the orbits and rhythms of planets through objects that gently respond to these different cycles and be reminded that we are part of something much greater, much faster, much slower and much more fascinating than our atomized lives sometimes allow us to consider.

The Open Innovation Program is excited to invite Jon Rogers to share about his recent work with physical apps and space data. Jon runs the Product Design Masters at the University of Dundee in Scotland and is currently researching how existing and emerging digital technology can be harnessed using design to enable new forms of interaction and production for the benefit of people. Jon has contributed a number of challenges ...

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