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21 Feb 2013, 15:31 UTC
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space-inspired technology for preventing water borne disease in developing countries

How can space technology have implications for international development? We invited mWater team member Amanda Sperber to share mWater’s amazing story and this case study on applying the work we do in space to improving life on Earth.
There’s a real way to take the experience and perspective gained from space exploration and apply it to development on earth.
When John Feighery, a co-founder of the NASA JSC chapter of Engineers Without Borders, was in El Salvador working to create a safe water source in the area, he was disturbed to note there was no capacity for monitoring the water after the source was created. Microbiology labs are not cheap to build.
At the time, John was the lead engineer for air and water monitoring on NASA’s International Space Station and was influenced by his wife Annie, a behavioral health scientist working in global health. They noted the striking similarities between Annie’s work in impoverished communities and his in space. As John saw in El Salvador, when it comes to water safety the extreme environments that define both outer space and very poor places are quite analogous. Both are ...

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