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An Interview with O’Rielly Media

1 Feb 2013, 18:03 UTC
An Interview with O’Rielly Media
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An interview with Alex Howard from O'Reilly Media on why mass collaborations like the International Space Apps Challenge are worth doing.

This is article was originally posted on O’Reilly Radar and written by Alex Howard.
From April 20 to April 21, on Earth Day, the second international Space Apps Challenge will invite developers on all seven continents to the bridge to contribute code to NASA projects.
Given longstanding concerns about the sustainability of apps contests, I was curious about NASA’s thinking behind launching this challenge. When I asked NASA’s open government team about the work, I immediately heard back from Nick Skytland (@Skytland), who heads up NASA’s open innovation team.
“The International Space Apps Challenge was a different approach from other federal government ‘app contests’ held before,” replied Skytland, via email.
“Instead of incentivizing technology development through open data and a prize purse, we sought to create a unique platform for international technological cooperation though a weekend-long event hosted in multiple locations across the world. We didn’t just focus on developing software apps, but actually included open hardware, citizen science, and data visualization as well.”
Aspects of that answer will please many open data advocates, like Clay Johnson or David ...

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