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Opening Up Legacy Space Hardware

10 Jan 2013, 23:02 UTC
Opening Up Legacy Space Hardware
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Many of us now working at NASA reflect on our elementary school days, when we were first inspired by the space program. We saw these amazing achievements and thought, quite accurately, that there was cutting-edge technology at work, being developed by brilliant engineers. Oh, how we longed to work alongside and someday become one of those engineers!
Taking a look at the achievements of today, nothing is lost from that effect. Skycranes and spacesuits still inspire. Galaxies are discovered with lenses and techniques that boggle the mind. The hardware being developed at NASA is truly cutting edge.
But what happens to all of this cutting edge hardware in the long-term. Does it retain its impact to society, its relevance to our planet, and most compellingly – its coolness factor? Is open source technology itself, powered by its community, encouraged to reach for the stars – in much the same way we were in elementary school?
As a tribute to the relevance and enduring global impact of NASA technology, we would like to highlight a video blog we stumbled upon today. Fran Blanche acquired a piece of hardware called the Launch Vehicle Digital Computer, which in her words is the “most ...

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