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Great expectations

19 Dec 2011, 00:00 UTC
Great expectations
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[[IMAGE||Erika Podest Original.jpg||right||70||Erika Podest|| ||0||0]]

By Dr. Erika Podest,
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
From the UN conference on climate change, Durban, South Africa

Today is a fairly relaxed day for me. I take advantage of my time to walk around the exhibit hall and talk to a number of different organizations represented there. Many of them are surprised to hear that NASA actually does climate science. They think NASA is all about space exploration. So I take the time to explain to them the kind of Earth science research that we do, which is primarily satellite-focused, and I proudly point them to [[LINK||http://climate.nasa.gov||NASA’s Climate Change website]].

As I roam around the conference premises, I run into activists chanting songs and slogans. They were given a predefined time and space, therefore they are no confrontations with police. When their allotted time is up, they peacefully pack up and leave. I thought it was very professionally handled how they were given a space and were able to deliver their message.

Today was supposed to be the closure day for COP17, a day where agreements are reached after two arduous weeks of negotiations. The big question is whether the Kyoto Protocol will ...

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