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NASA’s Digital Strategy: 6 Month Milestones

29 Nov 2012, 20:16 UTC
NASA’s Digital Strategy: 6 Month Milestones
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Last month, we submitted our 6 month report on NASA’s Digital Strategy to the Office of Management and Budget. The 6 month milestones for our Digital Strategy are the 2nd update we’ve made to the plan, following our 3 month milestones that we launched in August. There are a number of new things that we’re super excited to share:NASA’s Digital Services Governance Framework http://www.nasa.gov/agency/digitalstrategy/governance.html The Digital Strategy is cross-cutting and involves dozens of leads and potentially hundreds of potential participants from across the agency. As a result, as we work towards implementing many of the goals of the strategy, its imperative that we also look at how we manage our overall direction and focus to ensure that the right people are getting involved and that we’re working efficiently together.Our Governance Strategy, the majority of which was written by the awesome Sarah Rigdon in NASA’s Web Services office, plans to help us focus our efforts by establishing the following:A Clearly Defined Scope of AuthorityCore Principals to Guide ActionEstablished Roles and ResponsibilitiesA Target StateYou can read more of the governance strategy at http://www.nasa.gov/agency/digitalstrategy/governance.htmlAn Agency-wide Inventory of Mobile Devices and Contracts http://www.nasa.gov/agency/digitalstrategy/section5.html We also developing an inventory of mobile devices and contracts at ...

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