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The Year in Space

October 22, 2012 - Color-Coding the Stars

22 Oct 2012, 04:00 UTC
October 22, 2012 - Color-Coding the Stars
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The Week in SpaceOctober 22-28, 2012 Color-Coding the Stars Henry Norris Russell, one of the leading theoretical astronomers in America during the first half of the last century, was born 135 years ago this week. Russell worked at Princeton University for most of his professional life, serving as observatory director for thirty-five years. He is best known for his research on how the color (and thus temperature) of stars is related to their intrinsic brightness (or absolute magnitude). Along with Ejnar Hertzsprung, he developed the Color-Magnitude Diagram (more commonly known as the H-R diagram, after its creators), from which he concluded that stars evolve in a fairly predictable cycle from birth to death. Like all stars, the densely-packed stars in this Hubble Telescope image of the Sagittarius region vary in color according to their temperature.Image credit: NASA / ESA / W. Clarkson (Indiana University and UCLA) / K. Sahu (STScI) Weekly CalendarOctober 22-28, 2012Holidays - Sky Events - Space History Monday 22Orionid meteor shower 2136 BC: First record of solar eclipse1905: Karl Jansky born1966: Luna 12 launched1975: Venera 9 orbits Venus1992: STS-52 Columbia launched Tuesday 231968: First powered flight of the HL-10 lifting body2007: STS-120 Discovery launched Wednesday 24United Nations ...

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