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Riddle This

29 Sep 2012, 16:57 UTC
Riddle This
(200 words excerpt, click title or image to see full post)

Greetings! I hope you are doing well in your little corner of the world. Are you alert? Good. We need more lerts.
Sorry. I couldn’t restrain myself.
Okay, for today’s riddle we’re going to take a look at something in the real world, but I’d still suggest you get your geek on.
This image is no longer under copyright. Really. How obvious can I be?
Do you like science fiction?
This is one of the first.
It “cropped up” in fairly recent history.
Whether or not you know much about it, you’ve heard of it.
Everybody has heard of it.
You may even have studied it in school.
Another copyright-expired image. Oh, come on! You surely did this experiment in public school. Circa Jr. High, right?
Although its inception is credited to a “waking dream”, modern historians believe frogs played a larger role.
Milton’s Paradise Lost most likely influenced the naming of the main character.
Actually, the main character may have been patterned after the author’s spouse. Seriously.
I’m belaboring a point here.
And there you have it. Short and sweet, and not too taxing on the neurons. You know where to find me. Well, you know where I plan ...

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