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Recovery of comet P/2002 S1 = P/2009 L18 (SKIFF)

19 Aug 2009, 14:11 UTC
Recovery of comet P/2002 S1 = P/2009 L18 (SKIFF)
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CBET nr.1913, issued on 2009, Aug. 18, announces our recovery of P/2002 S1 = P/2009 L18 (SKIFF).Our quest for this faint (magnitude about 20 at the time of recovery) periodic comet, started about two months ago, when we had several attempts to locate it in the southern costellation of Indus, by means of the remotely-controlled Skylive-Grove Creek main telescope (a 0.35-m, reflector + CCD located near Trunkey, NSW, Australia). Finally we found it on 2009, June 15.6, about 1.7 arcmin northeast of the ephemerids position, and nearly 1.3 magnitudes fainter than predicted.We performed a second night of follow-up on Jun. 17.6, however at that time the comet was projected over a field star, so we couldn't find it. Afterwards we had a row of bad weather, moonlight interference, personal problems, ect, that prevented us to perform a second night of astrometry, until Aug. 18.6, when we successfully imaged again P/2002 S1 through the same instrumentation. At that time the comet was about 1.8 arcmin northeast of ephemerids, nearly 1.5 magnitudes than predicted. On both observing runs, we found the comet of starlike aspect, without any appreciable coma and/or tail.Our last image of this comet is available here:http://bit.ly/HZWoyAccording to CBET nr.1913, ...

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