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Star Stryder

Cosmic Castaways

11 Sep 2012, 05:12 UTC
Cosmic Castaways
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My job let’s me do some of the most awesome things. One of those things is narrating planetarium shows. My 2nd planetarium show is premiering Oct. 4 at the Ward Beecher Planetarium in Youngstown, OH on the YSU campus. We’re taking advantage of this event to also host a fundraising dinner with proceeds going to the creation of more shows just like this one.
Get your tickets now!
Every other night this show is shown, admission will be completely free! This show was produced using funds from the National Science Foundation, and Ward Beecher keeps it’s doors open thanks to an endowment and thanks to donations and grants like the one that produced this show. I love this idea: Raise money to pay the costs associated with producing content, and then give it away.
It is our hope that we’ll be able to keep producing more planetarium shows, and that we’ll also be able to get this show and others like it out to a broader audience by allowing the show to be used at no cost by other planetariums around the world. Yes, you read that right: the show will be distributed at no cost so that your local ...

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