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Endeavour's Final Endeavour

7 Sep 2012, 19:58 UTC
Endeavour's Final Endeavour
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Parade route alert! Tons of breaking news this past week about Space Shuttle Endeavour has both delighted and enraged people everywhere, as word of her retirement flight was released; some are anxious to see the flyovers, display stops and final crawl; others are upset over how many trees in Los Angeles were cut down along her intended rolling path... (400 will be removed due to the wingspan, 800 will be re-planted).Click to EmbiggenFor better or worse, the trees are down, the stoplights and road signs will also be temporarily removed, power lines are being raised, and the spacecraft will soon be on her way.Endeavour will perform flyovers of no less than 7 NASA centers! They are, in order, her departure point, NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA Stennis in Mississippi, NASA Michoud Assembly Facility outside New Orleans, Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, NASA Ames Research Center and NASA Dryden Flight Center in California, and finally, a visibility run over the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in SoCal before landing a LAX. Quite the cross-country spread!The schedule looks packed and long, but of course it's just a fraction of her time spent in space. Her final mission will definitely be her ...

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