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Pembrokeshire Astronomer

Deck Chairs, No Perseids, Owls and the ISS.

14 Aug 2012, 20:23 UTC
Deck Chairs, No Perseids, Owls and the ISS.
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Perseus dancing on our rooftopI recently bought two secondhand deckchairs.... the cost nearly broke the bank, 50p each..!!! They were bought solely for the purpose of Perseid watching.So armed with my deck chairs, Nikon D50 camera/tripod, I hid myself away in the darkest corner of our garden away from the glare of two particularly annoying street lights.After about ten minutes of looking towards Perseus, I realised that this view of the northern sky was the exact same one I had from my Grandmother's back garden some 33 years ago.One of Mr Newton's prized possessionsI would often lie on my grandmother's garden bench and watch the stars as they wheeled their way around Polaris.My trusted nightly companions were my Phillips planisphere and Patrick Moore's Observer's book of Astronomy.I still have my original Planisphere, bought in 1977.And after many years of good service it still gets used on the odd occassion. Back then I used to spend hours out there in the months of July and August drinking in the cosmic wonder of the night sky.Sitting on my new, "expensive" deck chairs, viewing the Perseids.Thursday and Friday last week were beautifully clear from here in Simpson Cross.I managed a few hours on ...

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