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Tranquility Base at high-resolution before Apollo 11

2 Aug 2012, 07:45 UTC
Tranquility Base at high-resolution before Apollo 11
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On Monday, August 1 the Lunar Orbiter Image Restoration Project (LOIRP) released another 'newly retrieved' medium resolution frame 2085 M, originally photographed by Lunar Orbiter II on November 20, 1966, from its vantage point 51.4 kilometers over the southwest Mare Tranquillitatis (0.8°N, 23.7°E).

The Lunar Orbiter Image Restoration Project (LOIRP) has released an image from 1966, showing 'Tranquility Base' before the arrival of Apollo 11, newly-retrieved from once-discarded Lunar Orbiter telemetry tapes using restored and equipment built from scratch to read them.

It was early mid-morning on the Sea of Tranquility and the eventual landing
site of Apollo 11 (small blue arrow in the thumbnail image, above) only 32 months later, when Lunar Orbiter II photographed the historic location.

A very large version of the image, newly retrieved from the original taped telemetry returned from the JPL orbiter, at a digital resolution of 16500 x
18564 pixels (598.3 Mb) is housed at the NASA Lunar Science Institute, HERE. Original reproductions of second-generation photographs, along with image references, are available at the Lunar and Planetary Science Institute, HERE.

A large 1650 x 1856 version is available from the Moonviews.com website, HERE. Detailed full-resolution views of the landing ...

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