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V 775 Herculis AB

11 Jul 2012, 16:13 UTC
V 775 Herculis AB
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Star typeg A: K0-K2 Vg B: NA Distance from Earthg 69.9 lyStar Service No.g NAAgeg A: NAg B: NADiameter/Mass/Temp (xSol)g A: NA; NA; NAg B: NA; NA; NABrightness (xSol)g A: NAg B: NAMetallicityg A: NAg B: NAComparison to Solg A: NAg B: NAPicture of starg A: NAg B: NAStar system featuresg NAKnown planetsg A: NAg B: NAHabitable zonesg A: NAg B: NAOrbital mapg A: NAg B: NAView from starsg NANearby stars(Star systems with 10 light years)g NAMap locating star systemg NALocation in Earth skyg In constellation HerculesOther namesg A: HIP 92919; HD 175742; LTT 15564g B: NASci-fi mentionsg A: NAg B: NAGet your SF/fantasy/horror novel edited Amazon.com Widgets .

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