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Tell me a story…

9 Jul 2012, 18:58 UTC
Tell me a story…
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After all…hello, 21st century, adventure is calling, and we really need to answer.

This post by Madi Sengupta was originally written in May 2010. We share it here to encourage us to think about the stories we have to tell – and how important it is that we commit to telling them.
Last night, as I drove down NASA Parkway, I glanced towards the dimly lit buildings littered across the Johnson Space Center (JSC) property. A part of an actual Saturn V lay ahead, just past the silhouetted trees of the Memorial Garden, where the heroes and legends of human spaceflight past are honored for their contributions and sacrifices. My eyes traveled a bit further to the right, where a gleaming American flag stood proud and tall, atop a building that holds tremendous significance for those of us who’ve had even a minute aspiration to contribute to space exploration – the Mission Control Center.
JSC is an interesting amalgamation of new and old, a distinct dichotomy of past and present; where many buildings stand, having weathered decades of political, societal, even meteorological storms. Time and technology’s marks have been left on their interiors, which have endured series of renovations ...

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