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One Year on the Job

9 Jul 2012, 17:54 UTC
One Year on the Job
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Do you remember your first day? Or your first year?

This post by Garret Fitzpatrick was originally written in October 2008. We share it here to remind us to step back and remember why we are here – and what’s worth staying here for.
Whew-I made it!
One full year on the job.
(NASA, I’m writing you this blog entry as a combined present for our anniversary and your 50th birthday. Even though I’m technically late on both and you might have been hoping for a more substantial present like a bouquet of tulips or a nice dinner at that fancy French restaurant in town or a pearl necklace-yeah right on my salary!-I hope you won’t use that in future arguments over which TV show we’ll watch on Tuesday nights. I’m still voting for House, for the record).
I started full-time at NASA back in August 2007, having graduated the previous May after spending five co-op tours at JSC over the previous four years. They say you usually don’t start talking to yourself or addressing the agency as your significant other for at least 10 years, so I’m thrilled to be ahead of the curve on this one.
A ...

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