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Rocket engine tech converted to combustors for clean power production

5 Jul 2012, 04:52 UTC
Rocket engine tech converted to combustors for clean power production
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A reader points me to company called Clean Energy Systems that has developed a power generation systems based on rocket engine technology (the founders were ex-Aerojet engineers). Their systems are designed for long term, low-maintenance use, which underscores the fact that liquid fueled engine technology is not inherently fragile but can be extremely robust.

The technology is described as follows: Clean Energy Systems (CES) has developed high-pressure, oxygen-fuel combustion technology based on mature, proven rocket technology. Integration of that enabling oxy-fuel combustion technology into conventional power generation systems makes Zero-Emissions Power Plants (ZEPPs) based on fossil fuels practical today. These ZEPPs have multiple advantages including compact and lower cost equipment, greater cycle efficiencies with advanced turbines, complete carbon capture and sequestration of the carbon dioxide (CO2) effluent, and zero emissions (or ultra low emissions when the exhaust is vented to the atmosphere as in a peaking power plant). The CES technology will revolutionize the power industry by eliminating the traditional power plant stack and making zero-emission power plants a standard installation.
The core of CES' technology is an oxy-fuel combustor adapted from rocket propulsion technology. This combustor burns a clean gaseous and/or liquid fuel with gaseous oxygen at ...

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