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Creating a New Tradition

2 Jul 2012, 14:43 UTC
Creating a New Tradition
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Makers don't conserve the past - they demonstrate the future.

Every single day, an object graces your fingertips, and manifests a series of interactions and thoughts. We surround ourselves with them. No matter where you are, who you’re with, or what you’re doing, something inanimate is part of your experience. These objects are so integral in our daily experiences through the age of manufacturing. Procured during a time when money was seldom and when design was booming, this luxury overhauled the way we functioned, worked, and lived. But in the modern era, the implications of manufacturing provide a new set of challenges and restrictions for the future. We are fighting the very thing we created in order to advance. Rather than using the same methods of the past, how can we use the same type of thinking that bred a solution in the industrial era, for today’s world? That magic technology of the early 20th century exists in a pocket today.
I spoke with Jon Rogers, operator of MSc Product Design at the University of Dundee, who shed a little bit of light on how his passion for design has evolved over the course of his life and how he ...

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