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Daylight Slim Crescent Venus

10 Jun 2012, 18:36 UTC
Daylight Slim Crescent Venus
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At last, we had a clear day to try and get the thin crescent Venus in the daytime.
I let my good friend Kevin know I was going to go out, so he decided to make the trip up to view it as well.
So the pressure was on.
I set up the scope with EQMOD and run the planetarium software, I carefully centred The Sun in the field of view.
Once centred, I slew the scope over to the place where Venus was. No sign!
I had to repeat this step three times, until I finally spotted the thin crescent planet wobbling around in the field of view.
I attached the webcam and managed to capture a couple of very wobbly avi’s to produce an image.

I watched as the image of Venus lightened and disappeared as high altitude clouds built up.
Kev was already on his way and I was afraid that he would have come all this way to see just clouds!
Fortunately when he arrived the clouds cleared a bit and we were rewarded with some great views of the thin crescent shaking in the field of view, with bright spider-web gossamer drifting through the field ...

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