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Top 10 Toxic Hydrides

22 May 2012, 23:55 UTC
Top 10 Toxic Hydrides
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So I wanted to write a post for the Toxic Carnival but found myself not entirely sure what to write about. I mean... I don't know a huge amount about cool biogenic toxins like tetrodotoxin. Or unicorns, for that matter. But, back in my comfort zone, if we're talking about astronomical molecules, I have poisons-a-plenty to choose from. Some of them in unspeakably huge quantities. So I mused on this for a while... And I realised that, at least in some ways, I'm a physical organic chemist. And while organic things (like ethanol and benzene and people) are based on carbon hydrides, well. A lot of hydrides are rather toxic... So I bring you, without further ado, my 10 favourite toxic hydrides!★(Read more ...)

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