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Sawyer Rosenstein's Intrepid/Shuttle Enterprise Speech

30 Apr 2012, 21:05 UTC
Sawyer Rosenstein's Intrepid/Shuttle Enterprise Speech
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Town of Ramapo Challenger Center Flight Director Sawyer Rosenstein was one of the guest speakers at the Shuttle Enterprise NYC/JFK arrival ceremonies last Friday. Sawyer spoke for the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Other speakers included NY State Senator Charles Schumer, NASA administrator Lori Garver, former astronaut Joe Engle, and actor-director-Vulcan Leonard Nimoy, among others. Here is Sawyer's speech. It is an honor to be here this morning and to be a part of history. Being a part of history is something the Intrepid itself has become well known for with its illustrious military career. Over the last six years, I have had an increasing desire to learn about space, specifically manned spaceflight. It has become both a hobby and a passion for me. My podcast, “Talking Space”, allowed me to wave goodbye to the Shuttle program as a witness to the final launch last year. With all of this under my belt, I would have thought that I’d have known all of the obvious places to be for space history. However, little did I know there would be a connection to the space program floating in our own backyard. On top of its history with the recovery of ...

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