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Cosmic blowhard: the most distant massive quasar outflow yet

19 Apr 2012, 23:05 UTC
Cosmic blowhard: the most distant massive quasar outflow yet
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The idea of "negative feedback" on star formation in galaxies is ubiquitous, but the debate about what causes the massive outflows we see in galaxies is far from over. Now, Maiolino et al. have found evidence of a massive quasar-driven outflow at z > 6, making it the earliest instance yet of a central black hole affecting its host galaxy on a global scale.Categories: Daily paper summariesTags: AGN, galaxies, galaxy evolution, quasars(Click to read more...)

Title: Evidence of strong quasar feedback in the early Universe
Authors: Roberto Maiolino et al.
First Author’s Institution: University of Cambridge, UK
If you’ve read more than a few astrobites, you’ve probably heard us mention the idea of “feedback” in the context of galaxy evolution before. A quick search turns up at least a dozen separate paper summaries that mention it! Unfortunately, like so much of the jargon encountered on a day-to-day basis in astronomy, the usage of that term can be unclear, and it’s important to stop and think about what exactly feedback is and why we care about it in the first place.
At the most basic level, a feedback loop occurs when the output of a process affects the future output of ...

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