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Tell me about Star Birth

17 Jul 2009, 09:40 UTC
Tell me about Star Birth
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In the vast regions of space between the stars there are enormous clouds of molecular gas,‭ ‬composed mostly of the primeval hydrogen and helium elements. The masses of these clouds are up to several hundred thousand Sun masses and they have typical diameters of‭ ‬50‭ ‬light-years‭ (‬500,000‭ ‬billion kilometers‭); ‬the gas pressure in such clouds is sucient to balance the eects of gravity and they remain quasi-stable for long periods.‭ ‬But the reverberation of a distant supernova,‭ ‬the death and explosion of a mature star,‭ ‬can act as a trigger for the collapse of a‭ ‬of the cloud by causing a wave-like motion of alternating regions of denser and rarer concentrations.‭ ‬The collapse may take half a million years or more,‭ ‬ultimately forming stars.‭ ‬Sir James Jeans in‭ ‬1902,‭ fi‬rst understood this process,‭ ‬and what is more,‭ ‬derived a way to calculate the mass necessary for collapse under the changing conditions of the evolving universe.

The bright region of the Eagle Nebula (M16) provides a window into the center of a larger dark shell of dust.
The Eagle Nebula is one such spectacular location of starbirth.‭ ‬In figure‭ ‬we see‭ ‬a large shell of dust,‭ ‬in which a cluster of ...

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