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Cosmic Diary

Tell me about The First Stars

17 Jul 2009, 06:42 UTC
Tell me about The First Stars
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The lightest elements were made in the first few minutes in the life of the universe. The universe expanded and cooled too quickly to continue the synthesis of heavier ones.‭ ‬Elements heavier than lithium and beryllium,‭ ‬up to the mass of iron, can be made only in stars through the slow process of fusing lighter elements to make heavier ones.‭ ‬A small amount of energy in the form of heat is released in the process.‭ ‬These fusion reactions,‭ ‬called thermonuclear fusion,‭ ‬are the processes by which stars create heat and pressure. The pressure resists gravity and sustains stars like our Sun for billions of years as they slowly collapse.

Credit: Science@NASA
But the first stars,‭ ‬which formed as early as‭ ‬200,000‭ ‬years after the beginning, were giants as compared to our Sun‭ - ‬as much as‭ ‬100‭ ‬to‭ ‬1000‭ ‬times its mass.‭ ‬From their flaming surfaces,‭ ‬molecular dust was cast off,‭ ‬which formed the nuclei around which new stars like our Sun condensed.‭ ‬Meanwhile, gravity,‭ ‬acting on the enormous mass of the giants, crushed them soon after birth‭; ‬they were driven rapidly through their life cycle of burning the primeval hydrogen to form helium, and from these helium nuclei to ...

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