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Beyond Waste

2 Apr 2012, 20:26 UTC
Beyond Waste
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This update “LAUNCHing Ideas for a Waste-less Tomorrow“ by astronaut Ron Garan is cross-posted from the Office of Science and Technology Policy blog. You can follow Ron on Twitter at @Astro_Ron and LAUNCH on Twitter at @launchorg.
As a participant of the first LAUNCH forum, LAUNCH: Water, and someone who recently returned from six months experiencing the orbital perspective of our planet from 240 miles above the Earth, I invite innovators from around the world to participate in LAUNCH: Beyond Waste.
LAUNCH, a social entrepreneurship forum, is in its third year of existence,and is taking public/private partnerships to new heights—literally and figuratively. A partnership among NASA, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the State Department, and NIKE, it has become a testbed for collaboration across non-traditional disciplines and organizations, bringing innovative solutions to difficult sustainability challenges around and above the world.
Specifically, LAUNCH draws parallels between resource challenges humans face onboard the International Space Station and those on Earth. Think about it: we have no natural resources in the hostile environment of space, which forces us to generate, collect, store, conserve, recycle, and manage our resources wisely — just like we must on Earth. LAUNCH offers NASA’s problem-solving expertise ...

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