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Social Entrepreneurship and NASA

29 Mar 2012, 16:37 UTC
Social Entrepreneurship and NASA
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Samantha Snabes shares on the significant correlation between survival in Space and Earth - and how it opens endless collaborative opportunities between those exploring the universe and living on Earth.

The Open Government Initiative has invited intern Samantha Snabes to share here about her insights into the intersection between social entrepreneurship and human space exploration in a continual series. You can reach Samantha here or follow her on Twitter here.

Innovation…Impact…Entrepreneurship…these are a few of the words that often accompany the word social within the growing movement focused on charging humanity with making a difference and enabling change. And while exclusive language and players have emerged to rally much needed groups and resources, myself and others would argue that the effort is not new, rather inherently part of the DNA of many organizations and agencies…including NASA.
So what is it?
When pressed to provide a definition, I have championed the below:
Social entrepreneurship involves creating sustainable, large scale change to benefit humans living in space and on Earth by applying innovative solutions using entrepreneurship principles to address the most pressing social and environmental problems.
Ok, so what does this mean?
As evidenced above, defining a meta-topic ...

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