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Unity Node: Ready to Launch

27 Jan 2012, 14:43 UTC
Unity Node: Ready to Launch
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Connecting humanity's change makers through a universal, open source platform.

Astronaut Ron Garan first shared about the orbital perspective with TEDGlobal 2011, asking two vital questions: How can we use this orbital research facility to improve life on Earth? How can we use the orbital perspective to inspire people to make a difference?

The orbital perspective: Ron Garan from the ISS from TEDTalks on Vimeo.
Ron talks about conducting a spacewalk, 30 meters above the International Space Station, and explains that “we can look down from our orbital perspective and realize that each one of us is riding through the Universe together on this spaceship we call Earth, that we are all interconnected, that we are all in this together, that we are all family.”

He proceeded to share some of the lessons learned from the international collaboration that created the ISS and enable crewmembers to live and work there on a long-term basis. The audience could also see much of the incredible science research that is happening on the Station and what kinds of solutions it could mean on Earth.
If we can land on the Moon, if we can build something like the space station, what more could ...

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