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Puckett Scores, AAVSO Gets the Assist

24 Jan 2012, 22:46 UTC
Puckett Scores, AAVSO Gets the Assist
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As most of you know, there are astronomers searching the sky every clear night in an attempt to discover new supernovae in distant galaxies. Some individuals, like Berto Monard and Tom Boles, excel at this, having discovered over 100 supernovae each. One of the more successful supernova search teams is the Puckett Observatory Supernova Search Team, with over 250 supernova discoveries.All these individuals and teams use robotic telescopes, running scripts that point the telescope and take CCD images of galaxies in a long list of targets they try to cover as often as possible. The nightly images are then “blinked” (rapidly switching between two images of the same star field) by team members looking for the telltale sign of a new star in or near the galaxies in the images. When a team member finds a suspected supernova, this is reported to the IAU, and then listed on the CBAT Transient Objects Confirmation Page. If it is a possible SN it gets a temporary designation of PSN (possible supernova) followed by its coordinates (PSN J01560719+1738468). The search team then asks other astronomers to obtain confirmation images and spectra to confirm the discovery and classify the type of the supernova. Once ...

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