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Call for proposals 2012A

24 Jan 2012, 09:01 UTC
Call for proposals 2012A
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NEW: PROPOSAL PRIORITYFrom 2012A onwards, LCOGT will be accepting proposals for "background" programs in addition to proposals whose priority will be assigned by standard TAC-ranking, as in the past. Background programs are intended to fill gaps in the schedule when no other program can be done, by providing reservoir of observations which can be executed at any time and (ideally) in any conditions. Please note that only queue-scheduled observations can be made through a background proposal, and no guarantees can be made as to its execution. All other proposals should go through the standard TAC-ranked channel. WHO CAN APPLY FOR TELESCOPE TIME?Eligibility to apply to this call is limited to members of institutions with which LCOGT has formal agreements, and to individualsfrom other institutions who are principal investigators on an observing projects that have been granted Faulkes Telescope time during thelast 2 years. The list of eligible institutions includes LCOGT itself, UCSB, UH, ANU, MacQuarie U., ARI, and the Faulkes Telescope Project. I amsending this to a representative (but not exhaustive) list of people at those institutions. If you are one of these, please pass this message toyour interested colleagues. I have tried to make an exhaustive list of eligible ...

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