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IW Andromedae is a Z Cam star!

23 Jan 2012, 00:31 UTC
IW Andromedae is a Z Cam star!
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This is not a newsbreak. Taichi Kato, Ryoko Ishioka andMakoto Uemura described this system as a Z Cam dwarf nova back in 2003, in theInternational Bulletin on Variable Stars (IBVS).http://www.konkoly.hu/cgi-bin/IBVSpdf?5376Based on 55 observations made over a period of about fourmonths this team caught IW And in a standstill, which is the definingcharacteristic of Z Cam dwarf novae.Light curve of IW And from Kato et al, 2003, IBVS 5376Since the earliest days of the Z CamPaign http://arxiv.org/abs/1104.0967 I hadnoticed that the light curve of IW And was unlike that of any other system inthe Z Cam candidate sample. It exhibited a quasi-periodic behavior whose lightcurve looked more like an eclipsing system than a dwarf nova.This never before seen behavior led me to believe thatperhaps we had discovered some new animal in the CV Zoo. "This doesn't look like a Z Cam light curve," I told myself. "We may have stumbled on to something important here!"My ego quicklyoverruled the facts, and I have been hoping ever since that I haduncovered some unique, astrophysically interesting class of CVs. I convinced alot of people to pay special attention to this system, hoping that my“discovery” would pan out.Fortunately, the stars couldn’t care less about my ...

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