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2011 Statistics for FTN and FTS

18 Jan 2012, 16:30 UTC
2011 Statistics for FTN and FTS
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FTS Statistics for 2011:Closed for a total of 113 full nightsDome was open for about 83% of the time the weather was good and observations could take place.Out of the total amount of time which was available to on-sky observing (combining open, weather, and technical reasons which can be either software or mechanical related) is: open – 51%, weather – 38%, tech – 11% Note 1: There are times when the telescope is down to weather and technical reasons simultaneously, this does not take that into account)Note 2: There are also times when the telescope is not open due to cloud. Since the cloud is not damaging to the telescope it is not counted in the weather down time.Note 3: The downtime due to technical reasons take into account the engineering time which is based on 3 days around the Full Moon. What it doesn’t take out are planned engineering trips which run over the Full Moon engineering time. Taking this into account brings the technical downtime to about 7% on FTS.The open shutter time is the time that the CCD is exposing. This does not take into account readout times of the CCD or the time in between filter ...

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