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Tracing Universe


4 Jan 2012, 10:26 UTC
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IntroductionAs early as the 19th century, astronomers believed there was an "invisible planet" in our solar system. According to a mathematical theory called Bode's Law, there should have been a planet between Mars and Jupiter. What these astronomers found instead was an enormous band formed from millions of rocks orbiting the Sun. They called these objects asteroids.Killer asteroidsMost asteroids drift harmlessly in their around the sun for billions of years. However, occasionally an asteroid may be knocked out of its orbit and sent on a collision course with a planet. If an asteroid collided with Earth, the impact would be powerful enough to annihilate all forms of life. Vast waves of fire, water and dust would engulf the planet instantly. Those who survived this would gradually freeze to death in "nuclear winter" that would follow. This is when billions of tonnes of rubble would be blasted into the atmosphere, blocking out the Sun's light for hundreds of years.(click here to get the image) Asteroid beltThere are billions of asteroids in the Solar System, most of which orbit the Sun in a band nearly 550 million km wide-larger than the distance from Earth to the Sun. This band is located between ...

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