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2011 Variable Star News in Review

26 Dec 2011, 17:11 UTC
2011 Variable Star News in Review
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For most of us in the AAVSO, 2011 will hold a special place in our memory as the Centennial Year of the AAVSO. We had fundraising events, special features on our website, contests, two very special meetings and a book published on the history of the AAVSO. We also passed a couple milestones in our database.It all started early in January as we launched all the special centennial features and pages on our website. We were closing in on 20 million observations in the database, so we held a contest to see who could predict the exact data and time we would cross that magic mark. On February 19, 2011 we passed the 20 million mark just as Chris Watson had predicted. (I came in third in the informal contest for my guess of March 3).Also in February, an extremely bright outburst of one of the Sloan CVs was detected by Jeremy Shears of the the UK. He discovered SDSS J133941.11+484727.5 in outburst at magnitude 10.5, which indicated to those of us n the know that we had a new WZ Sagittae type dwarf nova in our midst. Exciting news for us CV junkies. This star had already proved interesting ...

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