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USA Today Special Issue Ads - a Glimpse of the Future

26 Nov 2011, 17:58 UTC
USA Today Special Issue Ads - a Glimpse of the Future
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Holding an "end of an era".
Photo: Yanir Govrin

In July, USA Today published a special edition called "End of an Era" commemorating and summarizing the space shuttle era. On the cover, Space Shuttle Atlantis on STS-129, seconds after lift-off. Inside, a plethora of articles about everything shuttle - the missions, the tragedies and the people. What really caught my eye were the ads in-between.

Unlike your regular USA Today which contains ads for anything, from anti-acne lotions to once-in-a-lifetime-opportunities to get previously forgotten gold coins, this issue is chock-full of space related ads.

Browsing through the magazine I found myself leaving behind our economical woes and the pause in U.S. human spaceflight and drifting into a future where there are too many spacecraft to count, where spaceflight is a frequent activity and where being a space tourist or researcher is as normal as being an engineer at a technology company.

There are many ads for universities, taking different approaches to show their importance or involvement in space. Some have made instruments for various missions, others have astronaut alumni. All are still excited about space and will continue to teach new generations of space engineers, scientists and enthusiasts.

Many space-industry ...

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