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An ELT made of cardboard in your garden?

29 Sep 2011, 18:08 UTC
An ELT made of cardboard in your garden? Markus Kissler-Patig
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I am calling myself a Planetary Astronomer, essentially because I use ground-based telescopes to study our solar system bodies. Even if I often write posts on this blog about the wonderful results brought to us by space missions, space stations and other space-releated projects, my heart and my work are mostly dedicated to pushing the limit of ground-based telescopes and their instruments. Extremely Large Telescopes (or ELTs), ground-based telescopes with an aperture larger than 30m are without any doubt the next giant leap in the development of astronomy. I always wondered what it would be to be close to one of these giants, now I know…
A few years ago, the ELTs were mostly speculated projects, but today they are becoming a reality. I witnessed this change over this year by attending several workshops dedicated to the design, science, and instrumentation of the ELT. The “Feeding the Giants” workshop at Ischia, an island near Naples, Italy in August 2011 was a great opportunity to reconnect with my ground-based astronomer colleagues. During those 5 days, we exchanged our vision on the future of astronomy, including the role of these giant telescopes (TMT, E-ELT, Giant Magellan) to answer fundamental questions in astronomy ...

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