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Talk about SpaceX and the Dragon Spacecraft at SETI Institute

20 Sep 2011, 03:45 UTC
Talk about SpaceX and the Dragon Spacecraft at SETI Institute
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Join us for the ninth SETI Institute Evening Distinguished Speaker Talk Wednesday night at 7.00pm at the SETI Institute Headquarters at 189 Bernardo Ave, Mountain View. Abhishek Tripathi, lead for the Dragon to ISS Integration at SpaceX, will give a talk on SpaceX and the Dragon Spacecraft.

Dragon approaching International Space Station. Courtesy NASA
The talk will be recorded and available on our SETI Institute web site, but I recommend you attend the talk if you want to have a chance to talk to the speaker. Below the official announcement:

Title: “SpaceX and the Dragon Spacecraft”
Speaker: Abhishek Tripathi (Space Exploration Technologies - SpaceX)
When: Wednesday, 7:00pm, September 21, 2011
Where: SETI Institute Headquarters, Ground Floor, 189 Bernardo Ave, Mountain View
Poster: http://archive.seti.org/pdfs/csc-Sep-11.pdf

Abstract: With the retirement of the Space Shuttle this past summer the United States entered a
new era, one in which U.S. astronauts will be flying only aboard the Russian Soyuz vehicle in
order to access Low Earth Orbit and the International Space Station. California headquartered
Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) has developed and twice launched a brand new launch
vehicle (Falcon9), as well as launched and recovered a space capsule designed for humans
(Dragon). SpaceX ...

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